Individual Coaching

Coaching – Become the one you truly are and create the life you want

Through coaching you will get in touch with yourself, your feelings and your inner counselor. You get a deeper understanding and awareness about who you are, what you feel, think and want. I ask questions that make you think and feel. I will reflect what I see, hear and experience to help you understand yourself and gain more clarity. When you are coached, you choose the subject matter and the goals of the coaching session. Then we work together to achieve what you desire.

The subject matter for a session can include:

– your relationship with yourself and with others

– your physical, mental, emotional, and or spiritual needs

– work, entrepreneurship, projects, visions and dreams

– strengthening your self-esteem, sense of self worth or self-confidence

– coaching through life changes and challenges


Individual coaching

900 kr (90 Euros)/ hour in person

850 kr (85 Euros)/ hour over phone or skype

Book your time here . If you do not find any free time that suits you, please contact, tel. +46 733978933 or use the contact form below.

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