Welcome to the Lightworker Academy!

At the Academy you can train, take courses and get guidance and healing for yourself.

My name is Helena Omfors and I started the Lightworker Academy. My Life Purpose is to inspire, educate, guide and heal people. Do you also wish to guide and heal people? I offer a series of courses in Life CoachingReikihealing (Usui Holy Fire II), Mediumship Training and The Chakra Journey.

Do you wish to find your path and realize your heartfelt desire or get guidance and coaching? You are welcome to book times for spiritual counselling and life coaching and or take one of my self-development courses in Spain. If you seek healing, you are welcome to book time for reikihealing or healing massage .

I offer my services at Bönnarpsgård Kursgård just outside Malmö, the Torso Clinic in Malmö and offer courses in Sitges and Nerja in Spain.

I also offer The Chakra Journey in both Sweden and Spain, which gives you an in-depth knowledge of the chakra system and helps you open up, develop and balance your chakras.

You will find more details throughout the site or please feel free to contact me directly via telephone (+46 733 97 89 33) or e-mail  (helena@lightworkeracademy.org)

“Be the light, live the light and spread the light you want to see in this world”

Course Schedule:

  • 1-2nd of February, Training in psychic skills for reiki practitioners, Bönnarpsgård
  • 10-11 February, Reiki III ART Usui & Holy Fire, Bönnarpsgård
  • 19-25th of February, The Chakra Journey, Nerja, Spanien
  • 26th of February, start The Chakra Journey, Bönnarpsgård
  • 7-9th of March, KarunaReiki® Master Holy Fire II, Bönnarpsgård
  • 24-25th of March, Reiki I & Reiki II, Bönnarpsgård
  • 6-8th of April, Reiki Master, Usui & Holy Fire II, Bönnarpsgård
  • 29th of April – 6th of May, Course & retreat – Self Development, Sitges, Spanien
  • 3rd of June – 17th of June, Teacher Training in The Chakra Journey, Sitges, Spanien
  • 9th of July, start Life Coach Holistic Training, Bönnarpsgård
  • 19-22nd of July, Reiki III ART & Reiki Master, Bönnarpsgård
  • 19th of July, Reiki III ART, Bönnarpsgård
  • 20-22nd of July, Reiki Master, Bönnarpsgård
  • 16-23rd of September, Course & retreat – Self Development, Sitges, Spain

For more information or registration, please fill out the contact form.

Welcome! In light and love,