The Longing of My Soul

The true story about my spiritual awakening in Canada and about following my soul’s longing –  A journey through light and darkness, pain and healing, crisis and development, fear and love.

When I realized that I did not feel love for myself and my life, I realized I had a long journey ahead of myself. I needed to give myself time and space to get to know myself once again and to ask myself: What do I feel? Who am I? How do I want to live my life?

I was inspired to visit a spiritual teacher. She shook me up. My body and my feelings were brought alive. Later a spiritual man came into my life. He supported me on my journey. I experienced new dimensions of life. It was as if a whole new world opened up to me.

I was then faced with the hardest and most painful choice of my life – getting a divorce or sacrificing my life for the benefit of my children? Despite fear, sorrow and guilt, I chose to follow my heart.

The journey was tough and long, but also exciting and wonderful. Now I live my life for myself and I feel love for the life I created.

I know that there are many who have had similar journeys and that sometimes it can feel difficult and lonely. I hope that my book will provide you with inspiration, courage and strength and show, that it is possible to find the way home to your own heart.

Order the book at Adlibris 239 kr incl. shipping. Click here!

Note, the book is currently in Swedish but an English Translation will be coming soon.

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