The Chakra Journey, February 2019, Nerja, Spain

Chakra yoga, meditation, lectures and personal development

I teach the chakra system, yoga, meditation and I will provide you with exercises to do in your free time. The classes will be 3.5 hours a day. In addition to that there is time for walks on the boardwalk, excursions, rest and reflection. I have booked a luxury villa 100 meters from the beach with sea views both from the terrace and from the living room.

The whole human being and the whole life are represented in our chakras. Each chakra is connected to organs, glands and nervous system. They are also linked to our awareness and spiritual development. When our chakras are in balance, the body, mind and life are in balance.

On the course you will gain in-depth knowledge of the chakra system. You learn yoga poses and meditations for each of the respective chakras as well as exercises and tools that create awareness, openness, development and balance. After the course, you can continue to work with your chakras using the course materials and movies of the classes.

As you go on your chakra journey, you will get a deeper understanding of your own body, mind, behavior patterns, relationships with yourself and others. You can develop and open your chakras as well as raise your life energy (prana). The purpose of the chakra journey is to increase self-awareness, heal the physical and emotional body as well as open up your spiritual awareness of who you are in your soul and what is happening in your life. You become a co-creator of yourself and your life; come closer to your true self and your true way of life.

Your mind, body and soul will come into better balance.

The price for the Chakra journey is 3500 SEK (350 Euros) / person incl. material. If you choose to stay where we have the course you can stay in a twin room for 2000 kr (200 Euros) / 7 nights or a separate double room for 4000 kr (400 Euros) / 7 nights. You can prepare food in the kitchen or you can eat at the cozy restaurants. Travel costs are not included.


We can share the airport transfer from Malaga to Nerja if we arrive at the same time.

The airport is located about 60 kilometers from Nerja.

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