Spiritual counselling

Get messages from the spirit world that guide you in your current life situations. The messages can be about the relationship with yourself, your relationship with others, your way of life, your life, your health, finances, work, housing, etc.

There are three different ways to get spiritual counselling from me: Email channeling, on the phone, skype or in person.

To receive a channeling via mail , fill out the form below. You can choose to get a general reading, or ask specific questions. I will then share with you what comes to me.

Payment is made either to bg. 739-6930 or via swish 1233952462. If you wish to receive a receipt, I will send you an invoice. Price: 450 SEK(45 Euros)

For spiritual counselling over the telephone or skype, make an appointment. Before you call, I will do a general reading and share it with you. After that, you can decide how to proceed or what to focus on. I will then share with you what I see, hear and feel (physically and emotionally). Price: 900 SEK (90 Euros) / hour 500 SEK(50 Euros) / 30 min.

For spiritual counselling in person, you can make an appointment. Before you arrive, I will do a general reading and share it with you. After that, you can decide how to proceed or what to focus on. I will then share with you what I see, hear and feel (physically and emotionally). Price: 900 kr (90 Euros)/ hour.

The counselling I offer is based on my psychic abilities, my clairvoyance, my clairaudience and on the wisdom and experience I have gained over the past 11 years of working with myself and others’ personal and spiritual development.

The purpose of my guidance is to help you recognize and live in accordance with your true self; to live the life that your heart and soul wish to live. I also wish to contribute to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of others.

I am clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. This means that the spirit world communicates with me through pictures, words, emotions and physical symptoms. I will convey this information to you.

I can often feel the physical, emotional and mental imbalances of my clients. I will convey this information to you as well so that you can develop.

Given that I am a Karuna®Reiki Holy Fire II

I can also offer healing or distant healing during my sessions. Sometimes I will leave you with tools and exercises that you can practice on your own time to further your development. Some of the exercises include breathing techniques, yoga and writing.

I provide Spiritual Counselling from my heart and soul to your heart and soul. The messages are loving and for your best, although they may be challenging at times. The spirit world does not distinguish between good and bad or right and wrong. It guides you to your highest, best and truest nature and way of life.

About me Helena Omfors

My psychic abilities have evolved over the years in conjunction with my spiritual and personal development. My journey began when I visited a spiritual teacher in Canada, Bhuvaneswari Devi, who opened my chakras. After six weeks, she told me that I was clairvoyant. This was reinforced in an encounter with another spiritual teacher Mirabai Devi during a Darshan where I received a kundalini awakening.

Since then, I have trained and worked as a coach, massage therapist, reiki master, yoga teacher and graduate in psychic development at, among others, Arthur Findlay College. When I attended a course by Jörgen Gustafsson, it was also confirmed that I am a clairvoyant, which means that I feel the feelings and physical symptoms of people and spirits. My hearing, seeing and understanding helps me and my clients to get a full picture and deeper understanding.

Mediumship has fascinated me for many years and I have received much spiritual guidance myself. I believe that the spirit world provides an objective and neutral image, without judgment. It also provides a deeper understanding and contributes to a higher awareness than that which we humans are in touch with.

You are very welcome to book time, Helena Omfors

Book a session via the button below. If there are no available times, please contact me via the contact form, email helena@lightworkeracademy.org or tel. +46 733 97 89 33.



Individual session

900 SEK/hr (90 Euros) in person, 850 SEK/hr (85 Euros) over the phone or via skype.

Couples session

1200 SEK/60 min (120 Euros), 1300 SEK/90 min (130 Euros), 1650 SEK/120 min (165 Euros)

Book your session by clicking the button below. Or fill out the form.

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