Retreat in Spain 15-21st of April 2019

Jump start your life with yoga, meditation, workshops, coaching, spiritual counselling and healing!

7 days retreat in beautiful Sitges, Spain

I invite you to attend a transformative, self-healing and self-development course for your mind, body and soul held in Spain.

From April 14th – April 21st I have booked Villa Sunlight in beautiful Sitges, 20 min south of Barcelona and you are very welcome to come along. Sitges is a quaint town next to the sea filled with character, small alleys and cozy restaurants.

We will start the mornings with yoga and meditation. That will strengthen your body, set your mind at peace and bring you into contact with your inner self. After a delicious breakfast we will begin the exercises in personal development and self-care.

During the course you will get to know yourself at a much deeper level and get  closer to your true self – in mind, body, soul and emotion. I will coach and guide you, spiritually and share with you my own experiences.

In and effort to ensure that all the participants in the course are seen and heard equally, I choose to have a small group of no more than 10 participants. The community in humility, respect, empathy and love is important.

We will have lunch at Villa Sunlight on some of the days and on other days we shall eat down in the town center or at the sea. After lunch, we will continue our exercises, however, there will also be time for silence, rest, reflection and time to write in your diary should you so wish.

In the evenings, you can look forward to discovering some of the cozy restaurants in charming Sitges. If you prefer to prepare your own food there is a kitchen available for you to do so. On the first and last evenings everyone is invited for a special dinner at Villa Sunlight.  On these days we will go out for lunch.

The course is ideal for those who find the practice of personal development to be exciting and enjoy or are curious about yoga and meditation.  It is also ideal for you if you wish to lift your self-esteem. The healing experiences and exercises we will do will provide insights and healing.

The yoga will help you to feel more relaxed in both mind and body, help you experience your body in a softer and smoother way and get in touch with yourself on a much deeper level. It will also lead you to feel greater acceptance for who you are experience greater clarity about how you want to live your life and gain more strength and courage to live accordingly. We will work with what has been, what is at present and what is to be in the future.

The course is not just fun and easy-going, it is also challenging. To develop, we need to see both our inner darkness and our light. To heal, we need to get in touch with the emotional blockages and memories that stand in our way and free them. It may hurt, but if you have the courage to open up you will gain more than you expect.

As it is a course held in a group setting, there is a lot of experience to be gained via the meetings with the other participants. Be prepared to see yourself and others in an honest, true and open way. Thus the course itself will begin to form your experience of your true self.  


The course will cover the following material:

  • Who are you / your inner core and personality – your true self
  • Relationship to yourself
  • Relationships with others
  • Your strengths and developmental areas
  • False imaginations & new truths
  • Forgiveness exercises and reconciling with yourself
  • Projection, transference and countertransference – the subconscious role in your life and your relationships
  • Vision and life purpose
  • Relaxation, meditation & visualization
  • Inner guided meditation & Healing
  • Self-strengthening exercises / conversations about self-esteem Healing with reiki (Japanese energy medicine) / healing experiences according to reiki holy fire II
  • Meditative walks on the beach
  • For those who wish we can go on an excursion to a Buddhist monastery, (not included in the price listed below)

The yoga we practice is Kundalini yoga and Yin yoga.  The yoga will be adapted to each participants experience and capabilities. You do not need to be an experienced yoga practitioner. Yoga mats and blankets will be made available to borrow.

Price: 490 euros. Accommodation, food and travel is not included in this price.

The course will start on April 15th.  We will be gathering at 16:30 to meet each other followed by a welcome dinner at 20:00. The course will end on April 21st after breakfast. It is possible to take a bus, train, taxi or airport transfer from the airport to Sitges.


Course Manager: My name is Helena Omfors. I am a professional certified coach, behaviorist, reiki master (Holy Fire II), Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master, yoga teacher, author and massage therapist.  I have more than 10 years of experience in training and leading groups. I am also a psychic, which I see as a big advantage in my work with people. In addition to that, I have published three books ”The Longing of my Soul”, ”Find Your Path and your True Self” and ”Family Happiness with Coaching Parenting.” Since 2008, I have been running Bönnarpsgård Center. There I teach holistic life coaching, reiki, massage, yoga and meditation. My great passion and driving force in life is personal development and self-healing – to be who we are and to feel free to live as we desire in our heart and soul. I want to encourage every person to find his or her unique true self and to follow the path set out by their heart and soul.

To attend the course in Sitges, Spain will be amazing. We will be outdoors most of the time, overlooking the sea and the city. We will get fresh air and energy from nature. Getting away and avoiding everyday chores creates space to really get to know yourself at a much deeper level. Making the trip in a group gives a special dynamic. By sharing in a group setting, we will all be connected at a deeper level and gain from each others experiences and healing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call +46 733 97 89 33. You can also contact me via the contact form below.

In order to make the experience cozy and intimate; for all to feel comfortable to open up and gain the most from the course I will take up to a maximum of 10 participants.

Below is a testimonial from previous participant

”Thank you very much for what you do and how you inspire us to become. The course and trip to Sitges was awakening, inspiring and at the same time you have shown me the way to get in touch with my higher self. Meditation and yoga every morning gave me the strength and focus to go deep into myself and discover who I really am.

Ten women attended the course but you saw each one with our strengths and weaknesses. My back pain troubled me for several years and you helped me realize why and gave me tools to be painless. Yoga has helped me significantly and I will continue practicing it not only for my physical health but also for balance and harmony in my soul.

Community, love, freedom, harmony with plenty of sun and good food, pleasant environment with wonderful views of all of Sitges. Wonderful women who shared their lives, rewarding conversations and reflections about our experiences and our lives.

I’m grateful for being on this trip, which is just the beginning of a life with my true self. Satnam. I want to live my life purpose, thank you for being a wonderful inspiring and loving woman. ”

Warm hugs, Adrijana