Reiki in hospitals

Reiki in traditional healthcare

Reiki is offered at healthcare facilities throughout the world. In the United States, Reiki is used as a complement to traditional hospitals in over 800 hospitals. In some states, it is even a requirement that the nurse is trained in some kind of energy medicine method like Reiki. Reiki is used as a complement in acute care, surgery, psychiatry, rehabilitation, obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics (child health care).

In extensive studies, healthcare professionals have reported that Reiki has increased patient well-being, reduced the use of medicines, reduced sleeping problems, side effects and increased patient satisfaction. In studies of Reiki in health care around the world it also has
turned out that Reiki contributes to the reduction of depression and anxiety, can alleviate mental disorders and increase mental well-being during drug withdrawal. According to extensive studies, Reiki can provide deep relaxation within just 10 minutes with almost all recipients. Relaxation can last from a few hours up to a week. The only negative effect demonstrated by Reiki is uncomfortable feelings. However, these have disappeared shortly thereafter.

In Norway, Germany, France and England, patients can get Reiki within the traditional healthcare industry. In Sweden, Reiki is approved as
preventive and rehabilitative health care by the Swedish Tax Agency.

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