Reiki I & II, Usui & Holy Fire II, 19-20th of January

Learn to give yourself and others reiki, Japanese energy-medicine. It leads to deep relaxation, stress reduction and higher self-esteem. The course also provides personal and spiritual development, self healing and develops your intuitive ability.

Reiki is approved for medical claims by the Swedish Tax Agency, which means that either getting reiki and or taking a reiki course is covered by your employer.

Reiki is approved by the WHO and practiced at more than 70 hospitals in the United States.

The course in reiki is a combination of teaching, conversation, demonstrations and practical training. Each student may experience both receiving and giving reiki.






During the course you will learn the following:

– Nature and History of Reiki

– Reiki Ideals

– Reiki standard hand positions

– Self treatment with reiki

– Gassho Meditation

– Byosen Scanning

– Reiji-Ho: Using the internal guide on how and where to go treat.

– Kenyoku: A method for cleaning your energy field.

– Koki-ho: Use your breathing to heal.

– Gyoshi-ho: Sending Reiki with your eyes.

– Distance Healing with Reiki

– Reiki II Symbols: How to draw them, activate them, and use them. The different ways of using them are reviewed and their meaning is explained.

– Practical exercises so that all participants get to know and experience the energy of all the symbols and the results of their use.

– Placements of Reiki II and Reiki II Holy Fire II is given (earlier called attunements)

– Reiki experiences – internal guided meditation and healing

As a trainer, I have been practicing reiki since 2007 and am a trained Reiki Master Usui Holy Fire II and KarunaReiki® Master Holy Fire II. In addition, I am an ICF professional certified coach, behaviorist, massage therapist, yoga instructor, spiritual counsellor and author of “The Longing of My Soul” and “Find Your Path and Your True Self”.

Want to live a calmer, more harmonious and healthy life? Do you want to contribute to the well-being of others?

You are very welcome to a course in Reiki at Bönnarpsgård.

Bönnarpsgård is located 10 minutes from Malmö, in a natural and pleasant environment. In connection with the course, long-term guests can stay overnight for 600 SEK / day incl. full board and eat healthy vegetarian food. (Sleeping places are temporary in conjunction with courses, not hotel standard .)

Course date:  1-2nd of December 9:00-18:00

Location:  Bönnarpsgård Kursgård

Price:  2900 SEK including course material (Healing touch of William Lee Rand), diploma and meals.

You can register via or call +46 733 97 89 33. You can also fill out the contact form below and I will contact you.

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