Reiki ART & Reiki Master, 25-30th of June, Sitges, Spain

Reiki ART (lll) Usui & Holy Fire III

This course if for those who went to Reiki I and Reiki II and want to deepen your skills, develop your abilities and get more powerful tools in your reiki practice.

You will find a placement of the master symbol that will make your growing energy more powerful, guided meditation exercises and also get a lot of healing yourself. You will also learn reiki movement meditation to manifest your spiritual nature in life on earth. We will also review how to use crystals for distance healing.

The following will be covered in the course:

  • Usui Master symbol, which strengthens the power of your reiki energy and increases the efficiency of the previous symbols.
  • Internship in the use of the Usui Master symbol.
  • Reiki movement meditation that strengthens the mind and raises consciousness as well as establishes your spiritual nature in life on earth.
  • Using crystals in combination with Reiki distance healing.
  • How to make a Reiki crystal grid that continuously sends reiki to yourself and others after it has been charged.
  • Aura purification (spiritual surgery) that removes negative energy (emotional and mental) from yourself and others.
  • Healing in the giver’s life experience to clear out old energy that no longer benefits you.

After the course you can go on to become Reiki Master Usui Holy Fire II.

Reiki Master Usui & Holy Fire III

The training includes:

  • Pre-ignition for the ignition of Holy Fire – a cleansing of the old and preparation for the new rocket energy.
  • 2 Master ignitions of Holy Fire (earlier attunements) – an activation of the new symbol Holy Fire that gives more power and effect to your reiki and to your reiki treatments.
  • Healing fire ignition – to heal what has been difficult in the past.
  • Reiki experiences (inner voyages under healing) according to Usui Holy Fire II.
  • Healing experience to do on clients
  • A review of all courses within Reiki Usui Holy Fire II, so that you can then teach courses.
  • You will get a brand new manual with everything you need to be able to teach.

When I teach, I follow international guidelines and use material produced by William Lee Rand. They have their foundation in Usui Reiki and are expanded with Holy Fire II.

Date: 25-30th of June 2019

Price: 690 Euros incl. lunc and manual.

For more information about accomodation at The Villa Sunlight in Sitges and more, please fill out the form.

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