Life Coaching Holistic

Therapeutic, visionary, emotional, mental, healing, soulful, intuitive and spiritual coaching. 

Past – Present – Future

The life we ​​have lived thus far has a big impact on how we think, feel and act today. In the past, we discover both challenging and positive life experiences, favorable and unfavorable character traits,  and favorable and unfavorable actions. By looking into the past we find the causes of our blockages and limiting beliefs, as well as keys to our success. But most importantly, we discover who we are in our true nature. Although this process enables us to connect dots between our past and present, the focus is on the life we are ​​living now, the life we ​​wish to live and the life our soul is guiding us to live.

Everything is connected – The relation to oneself and the relationship to others.

No human being is an island – we are interrelated with others. Therefore, working with relationships is something I think is important. First and foremost, it is about the relationship with ourselves, but also about how we are, become, feel and can develop in our meetings with others. It is about getting to know yourself (self-esteem), accepting yourself (self-acceptance), understanding your value (self-esteem), standing up for yourself (self-respect) and setting boundaries (integrity). It’s also about daring to see things from new perspectives to create the change we want. 

Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually

We humans easily get attached to the thoughts, in our mind. We think, analyze and control. We have ideas about who we should be and how we should live. We are afraid of what others will like about us and how they will react. A Holistic Life Coach go deeper into the emotion. We listen, ask powerful questions and we reflect as well as use our intuition to probe the depths. We help our clients to get in touch with their feelings and learn to accept themselves as they are. When people get closer to their feelings, they also come closer to their soul – their true nature. Who forces the rose to become a daffodil?

Life purpose

The people who seek me, students and clients are often people with a special task to complete in their lives. Many have the task of inspiring, educating, guiding others, helping others find love for themselves and their lives, contributing to the personal and spiritual development of other people and a better physical, mental and emotional way of being.  When we do what we are meant to do, we feel like we are not working, we do what we find to be inspiring, engaging and fun; something I believe most people desire to experience. Life Coaching Holistic is perfect for those who are seeking a path to greater happiness, a healthier and more balanced life and well functioning relationships.


To me, coaching is healing. We observe, listen, lift the lid on, bring out feelings, experiences and memories. We help people to free the weight, sorrow, anger and disappointment they are wearing and we do so with love and caring thus creating a safe space that make the client feel comfortable. Somewhere within us there is a longing to be seen, accepted and loved in our true nature. That is the role of the Holistic Life Coach. When we help people to release old wounds, we are effectively helping them to open up for more light and love in their lives. For more light to come in, darkness needs to be released. It can be painful to get in touch with our inner darkness, but it feels good afterwards.

Visions become reality

Some people have visions. They know what they want to do but lack clarity, courage, guidance or support. Other people are looking for their vision. A Holistic Life Coach can help people to achieve both, find their vision and help make it a reality. We use relaxation, questions, intuition and visualization to find the vision, then we use emotions, experiences, inner images and the body to make it feel real. Then we utilise target images and action plans as well as follow-ups to make it happen and thereby we strengthen the client’s self-esteem.

Intuition and mediumship

Intuition is faster than intellect. The mediumship abilities contribute to a deeper and more objective understanding of people, relationships and life. 


About me as a Life Coach Holistic 

I have been working as a coach since 2008 and trained more than 40 groups on coaching in accordance with the International Coach Federation. I have a bachelor of art in psychology, is a karuna reiki master, yoga teacher and spiritual counsellor. I underwent my first coaching training in 2008 at Coach Companion in Malmö. After the training, I began to receive clients and was assigned a job coach for the employment service, among other things. In 2010, I went to CTI, London for co-active coaching training and sat the exam for PCC ICF, Professional Certified Coach. Since then, I have under 9 years conducted individual, group, couple and family coaching. I have coached and mentor coached my students. I have run projects in entrepreneurship and coached young people on matters of self-esteem, education, self employment and career choices.

In 2005, I experienced a spiritual awakening and since then, I have matured personally and spiritually with the help of spiritual teachers, yoga, reiki, alternative therapists, coaches and on my own. 

I have trained, lectured and held courses in the field of personal and spiritual development since 2008. That’s what I’m all about – regardless of whether I teach yoga, mediumship, self-development, coaching or reiki healing. In 2008, I began sharing my knowledge and experience at the Bönnarpsgård center in the South of Sweden.

I am passionate about inspiring, educating, healing and helping people to find their true nature and to live by it.

In addition to my work with courses and individual sessions, I have published three books: Find your path and your true self, The Longing of my soul and Coaching Parenting. 

      Tools and exercises

  • Relaxation and breathing
  • Visualization
  • To use the room and the body
  • Roleplay
  • The inner child
  • Switch technique
  • Life values ​​/ Life mission / Life Vision
  • False performances and embossments
  • Healing emotionally, mentally and physically with coaching
  • Chakra teachings/understandings


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