KarunaReiki®Holy Fire II 5-7th of April

Reiki is a thousand year old healing form that is very powerful for healing, relief, relaxation, stress reduction as well as personal and spiritual development.


Reiki differs from other healing methods because the practitioner only acts as a channel. I do not give up my energy but allow spiritually guided energy to flow through me to you. As I am a Karuna®Reiki Master Holy Fire II

I sometimes let reiki flow directly to you, without using my hands and body.

You may come for reiki when you have aches, tension, pain, need to relax, balance yourself, seek personal development or desire a nice moment of recovery. You can also get reiki to remove obstacles that are in the way for your true spiritual nature and your spiritual path.

When you get reiki, you keep your clothes on and lay on a massage bench. There will be relaxing music playing in the background.

You can get reiki to balance your chakras or locally in a place where you experience pain. Although the energy will go to where it is needed the most. The area being treated may feel warm and pleasant.  

Because I am psychic, I sometimes get messages in the form of pictures, words, feelings and physical feelings while treating you. I can convey these to you if you wish. It can give you a deeper understanding of what causes your pain, aches, imbalances, moods or feelings. I can also provide guidance on how to feel better in your mind, body and soul.

I have been practicing reiki since 2007. I work in accordance with the Karuna®Reiki Holy Fire II system which means that the treatments are stronger and deeper than regular reiki. I also hold courses in reiki on a regular basis.

When using Karuna®Reiki Holy Fire II

I can address the following:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Codependency
  • Traumas
  • Sexual abuse
  • Stress
  • Personal development
  • Spiritual development
  • Inner peace
  • Manifestations
  • Communication
  • etc

Place of treatment is Bönnarpsgård Kursgård, Bönnarpsvägen 166, 233 92 Svedala or in Malmö located at Torsokliniken on Köpenhamnsvägen 13.

I also offer distant healing. Fill out the form below if you wish to receive distant healing.


If you do not find a suitable time please feel free to contact me at +46 733 97 89 33 or via the contact form below.


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