Karuna Reiki Master – Holy Fire III – 5-7th of April 2019

Karuna Reiki® Master Holy Fire Ill is a continuation of the Reiki system. To be able to attend the course you need to have Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III ART and Reiki Master. You can attend the course for your own self healing and development however, after the course, you will also be able to teach all usui & Holy Fire II courses.

Karuna is Sanskrit and means action with compassion. Karuna is largely about self-love and compassionaet actions towards oneself and others.

During the course you are introduced to eight powerful energy rays that are linked to 8 symbols. These energy rays have specific purposes and effects to initiate internal processes and create powerful healing. These rays are so powerful that you need to have first have integrated the Reiki Master energy to be ready for them.

Holy Fire IIl means that another ninth powerful beam / symbol is added and it upgrades the entire Reiki system to a higher awareness and strength. In addition, all initiation procedures are simplified by Holy Fire IIl. Instead of the traditional initiations (attunements) from teacher to student, there are placements, pre-ignitions, ignitions and a variety of reiki experiences (guided meditation and healing).

This course gives you the ability to use the healing energies but also to teach Holy Fire II Karuna®Reiki. You will also be able to teach all levels of the system with Holy Fire IIl.

The course contains many practical elements. You therefore need to be prepared to experience cleansing and healing. The course will initiate processes in you that you can feel during the course as well as after the course. Everything is for your highest good and higher self.


The 8 Karuna Reiki® rays / Symbols

  1. Prepares the recipient to receive deep healing and is good at resolving problems from past lives.
  2. Heals at a cellular level, deep-rooted problems like unconscious patterns, child abuse, sexual abuse, shadow problems and karmic problems.
  3. Fills the recipient with love and can be used to strengthen relationships and develop compassion. Helps to overcome abuse and to create new good habits.
  4. Ground the receiver’s lower chakras and strengthen the connection with the earth. It also clears the mind, creates determination and helps manifest goals. It can be used at the end of a treatment to integrate and complete the healing process.
  5. Integrates the recipient’s higher self in the body, improves learning ability and communication, as well as increases creativity.
  6. Gives the recipient the strength to take his rightful place, to be independent and to realize his goals. It is also a geothermal energy that reinforces the recipient’s contact with nature.
  7. Heals the past, freeing fear and creating peace and confidence in life. It can reduce sleep problems, anxiety and increase clairvoyance.
  8. Helps the recipient to get grounded, manifest goals and prioritize, and works to harmonize humanity.

The course also includes

  • William Lee Rands Course Manual
  • Karuna Reikins® ursprung
  • The meaning of Karuna
  • The uses of energy beams / symbols
  • Reiki Holy Fire II experiences (guided meditation and group healing)
  • Pre-ignition
  • Karuna Reiki® master-ignitions
  • Practice in healing with the 8 symbols
  • Toning (chanting) with Karuna Reiki®
  • Information about registration due to trademark protection
  • Diploma

For the application fill in the form below. If you did not attend a prerequisite course at Helena Omfors and Lightworker Academy, please attach a diploma or information about your Reiki Master.

Course times:

5-7th of April 2019 9am – 4 pm


Lightworker Academy, Bönnarpsgård Kursgård (between Malmö and Sturup/Malmö Airport), Bönnarpsvägen 174, 233 92 Svedala. For those who live far away, there is the possibility to stay overnight for 600 SEK (60 Euros), includes dinner and breakfast.


5900 SEK (590 Euros iincl. VAT), course material coffee and vegetarian lunch.

Warm Karuna Reiki Greetings,

Helena Omfors, KarunaReiki® Master, Usui & Holy Fire II