Find Your Path and Your True Self

In a world full of possibilities it can be hard to know which path to choose. In order to find our own unique path, we need to give ourselves the time and space to listen and ask ourselves questions like: Who am I? What do I want? What am I good at? What makes me happy? How do I want to live my life?

Once we have found the answers to our questions, we need courage, faith and trust to create the life we ​​wish to live.

In “Find Your Path and Your True Self”, I guide you on your journey. I share experiences, both from my own life and from my work as a coach. The book guides you through a series of questions, exercises and awareness-raising tools that help provide clarity on who you are and what you want with your life.

Every person is unique and we are all worth experiencing inner peace and happiness. The road to that destination may seem lonely, difficult and tough. I hope that my book will provide you with inspiration, courage and strength and show, that it is possible to find your own unique path in life, to find your true self and to live in accordance with it.

I have also published the books “Family Happiness with Coaching Parenting” and “The Longing of the Soul”. In the latter, I openly share my life’s journey; the journey home to myself and to the life I desired to live.

Order the book at Adlibris for 180 kr incl. shipping. click here

Note, the book is currently in Swedish but an English Translation will be coming soon.


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