Couples Coaching

Couples Coaching – Improve your relationship and develop together

Living in a relationship is not always easy. We encounter difficulties and challenges that we do not always understand or address. Some choose to ignore the issues and live parallel lives, as they do not really know what they desire or how to go about achieving it.

Some feel alone, unseen and misunderstood. Others end up in repeated conflicts that become a pattern. Either one or both partners may feel that the relationship is about to end, but really desire for it to evolve and improve.

Relationships take a lot of work. It is a great opportunity for personal development. Through the relationship, you can see yourself and and your partner and help each other to grow as individuals and as a couple. In a healthy relationship, each partner can live the individual life they desire and at the same time, feel the safety, closeness and love of being in relationship. A healthy relationship is nourishing.


Couples Coaching

1200kr (120 Euros)/60 min, 1300kr (130 Euros) /90 min, 1650kr (165 Euros)/120 min

I receive clients at Bönnarpsgård Kursgård just outside Malmö, between Svedala and Oxie or at Torsokliniken, located at Köpenhamnsvägen 13 in Malmö.

Book a time via the button below. If there are no available times, please contact me via the contact form, email or tel. +46 733 97 89 33.


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