Chakra Journey Teacher Training, September 16-29, Sitges Spain

16th of September – 29th of September, 2019 Sitges, Spain 

Do you want to teach yoga, meditation, chakra systems and personal development?

You are very welcome to an exciting training of the chakra systems with conversations, yoga, meditation, affirmations and exercises.  All of life and the entire human being is represented in the chakra system. When we get to know our chakras and open up, develop and balance our chakras, we experience balance in our lives.

This training is both theoretical and practical. You will get profound knowledge of the chakra systems, yoga, meditation, mantra singing, breathing techniques, affirmations and leadership. Chakra yoga is therapeutic, self-healing and self-evolving and contributes to awareness of the physical, emotional, mental, sensual and spiritual body. Because this is an intensive training and we will see each other every day – we will live in accordance to the principles of each chakra day after day following the appropriate actions, food and activities.

You can also take this training for your own personal development – to get to know yourself on a deeper level and contribute to your own well-being, both physically, mentally and spiritually. After completing the course you will be able to lead chakra yoga classes in groups as well as individually.

During the course we will review the following:

  • The structure and descent of the chakra system
  • The purpose of chakra yoga and layout
  • Yogic lifestyle
  • Yoga exercises (asanas)
  • Meditation Exercises
  • Respiratory Engineer (Pranayama)
  • Mantras / mantra singing / music selections
  • Affirmations / suggestions
  • Relaxation
  • Course structure for teaching 9 classes
  • Practical training
  • Homework and exercises for each chakra
  • Daily exercise of yoga and meditation
  • Movies on FB for each class
  • Forum on FB for questions, sharing and links
  • Leadership

The course includes course material as well as breakfast and dinner or lunch.

Next training starts on 16th of September at Villa Sunlight in Sitges, Spain. The education is an intensive 2-week full-time education and then goes on a distance with practical training and follow-up. Villa Sunlight is located in stunning Sitges overlooking the sea. At Villa Sunlight, they serve homemade vegetarian food and you also have access to a shared kitchen. The training will be held primarily outdoors. During your free time, you are free to take a swim in the pool or in the ocean. In Sitges there are a large number of cozy restaurants and shops. The city center is charming and there are numerous sandy beaches nearby.

Price for the training:

1900 Euros incl. accommodation in a triple room and half board (there is only 1 triple room)

2050 Euros incl. accommodation in double room and half board.

2250 Euros incl. accommodation in single room and half board.

Travel is not included but there are cheap airline tickets to Barcelona with Norwegian, Ryan Air and Vueling. Airport transfers can be ordered for 450 SEK (45 Euros) / trip divided by number of passengers. A bus is available from the airport to Sitges station for about 12 Euros. For more information, please contact me via the form below.


My name is Helena Omfors.  I have been practicing kundalini yoga and meditation since 2005. With the help of my spiritual teacher, as well as kundalini yoga teacher Bhuvaneswari Devi, my chakras were opened in 2006. Since then I have been on a lifelong journey studying the chakra systems, personal development and spiritual development using yoga, meditation, literature and reiki. I have been teaching individuals and groups.

Since my teens I have led groups. It began with 10 years of teaching dance and then moved onto courses in artistic creation, yoga, meditation, reiki, coaching, personal development and massage.

I have a Bachelor of Arts  in Psychology. I am a Reiki Master in Holy Fire II, Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master, ICF Professional Certified Coach, Yin yoga Teacher and ChildPlay Yoga Teacher (Kundalini yoga). In late 2005, I practiced Kundaliniyoga and since 2008 I taught Kundalini Yoga and Yin yoga. I have developed the chakra journey – a course in which I teach about the chakra system by means of conversations, kundalini yoga, meditation, reiki, affirmations, suggestions, exercises and homework. I have been on this ever evolving journey teaching students individually and in groups for several years.

For more information or interest, please fill out the form below.


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