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What is Reiki

Reiki is an ancient Japanese treatment method for deep relaxation, stress reduction and relief. Reiki contributes to the body’s natural ability to heal. Reiki is used around the world within and as a complement to traditional health care.

The word Reiki is two composite Japanese words. Rei means universal or spiritual wisdom. Ki means life energy. Reiki is based on the conviction that Ki has an important meaning in terms of physical and mental health. Physical and mental problems develop when life energy / Ki is blocked and can not flow freely.
The purpose of Reiki is to release these blockages so that life energy can flow freely, helping the body to naturally heal itself. When Ki is high and flowing freely in the body, it strengthens the immune system. When Ki is low, the risk is greater for disease.

Reiki is also the name of the method itself – Japanese energy medicine that contributes to deep relaxation, stress reduction, relief and self-esteem.

About Reiki – Helena Omfors, Karuna Reiki Master (Usui & Holy Fire II)

Reiki for me is much more than an energy that releases blockages, relieves pain, gives relaxation and stress reduction. Reiki is more than a method of contributing to the body’s own healing. My experience is that Reiki also gives guidance in life, that Reiki shows us the way home to our true and spiritual nature. Reiki develops our intuition and, for some, even the medial/psychic abilities. After I started with Reiki, I have got a much clearer intuition, and I’ve also been so psychic that I’ve been working with Spiritual counselling for a few years now. Several of my students have experienced the same. These abilities we can use in our Reiki exercise when we provide treatments. It creates awareness among our clients and provides guidance on who they are and what possibilities they have in their lives.

Being a Reiki Practitioner means that we are part of a big, loving and caring community. We give and receive Reiki from each other, both at our Reiki events and at a distance. Being a Reiki practitioner can be a lifestyle if we choose it. We can give ourselves healing regularly to make good in body, mind and mind. We can give Reiki to others. Being a Reiki Master and holding courses in Reiki involves continually working on the own healing and personal and spiritual development – to practice being a good example of humility, respect, empathy, acceptance, forgiveness and love in relation to oneself and to others.

Reiki can be combined with most things in our lives. You can combine Reiki with yoga, meditation, massage, coaching, self-development, other alternative therapies and therapies, family life, entrepreneurship … Yes, the possibilities are unlimited. Reiki presents our latent possibilities, Helena Omfors, Karuna Reiki Master Usui & Holy Fire II, CEO and founder of the Lightworker Academy

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