About Petra Brask

About Petra

Petra Brask is a highly regarded spiritual guide, healer, and medium who has had her spiritual gift since childhood. She is a beloved and experienced teacher, lecturer, and coach in the business world for 30 years. There, she has written several books and articles on the topic of releasing time and energy.

Petra collaborates with your guides and goes straight to what you truly need to hear and get help with. You receive a lot of love, light, and clear messages. The guidance provides assistance on your soul’s journey and an understanding of what your higher self wants to communicate to you right now. During the conversation, you receive healing and energy. You also receive powerful energy work in everything around you.

Petra has spent parts of her upbringing in Sri Lanka and has worked internationally for many years. She is accustomed to encountering different cultures and tricky questions with humility, respect, and sometimes with refreshing humour. Her base is now on Gotland, where her family has its roots.

If you have thoughts about your life’s work and your place in existence, Petra is a wise and clear spiritual voice when life presents you with tough challenges. Her high-frequency guidance touches deep into the soul.