About Helena

My name is Helena Omfors. My life mission is to inspire, to teach, to heal and to guide.

Since my childhood, I have philosophized, observed and analyzed. From very early on, I became a listener, an observer and an artist / creator.  The creative spirit has always been within me. It has manifested through writing, drawing painting and making ceramics.

My journey through life has not always been easy, however, each adversity helps me to meet people more fully.  As I understand myself, I understand others. I have forged my own path; which has not always been so easy to find. But as I stay true to my own path, I can also help others do the same; discovering their true nature, following their inner soulful longing and manifesting the life the heart and soul long for.

I was born in Ljunghusen in a residential area outside Malmö. I presumed that that is where I would live through my adult life, however, life had other plans for me. After art school and university studies in psychology, philosophy and behavioral science in Lund, I moved to Stockholm to work as a recruitment consultant. There I met my first husband who took me to Santiago de Chile for a diplomatic life. It was like nothing I had ever dreamed of and soon it became difficult not having my own independent life. I had to recreate my life and I did so by diving into my artistic interests, learning Spanish, writing and having my first child.

When we moved on to Ottawa, Canada, I had my second child. In my free time I pursued my  artistic endeavours. One day, I got the feeling that I should study French. As it so happened, my French teacher had a spiritual teacher and I became curious. That year, 2005 was when I began yoga, meditation and spiritual development with a spiritual teacher. I took the Basic Course in Bioenergetics where my teacher helped me open my chakras. It was an overwhelming time in my life that led to my getting divorced and restarting my life once again. Spiritual teachers, gurus and healers guided me on my way closer to my soul. I was told that I was born a healer, an artist and a teacher with the task of inspiring others. It sounded strange then, but today it feels natural.

One day I got a vision about having a Spiritual Center. Through this center, I would share everything I had learned. A job offer to work as a Recruitment Consultant presented itself in 2006 in Sweden. I knew that was no longer my path, but I needed the income to build my dream. While working, I took courses to become a Coach, Reiki healer, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist.

In 2008 my children and I moved into Bönnarpsgård – the house I saw in my vision. Soon after that, I left my job as a Recruitment Consultant and pursued my dream of having a Spiritual Center.

Over the years, I have trained myself to be a Reiki Master (Usui Holy Fire II), Reiki Karuna® Master (Usui Holy Fire II), have completed courses in Mediumship and written the books “The Longing of My Soul”, “Find Your Path and Your True Self” and “Family Happiness with Coaching Parenting “. I have developed courses in Life Coaching, Reiki, The Chakra Journey, Mediumship Training and lectures.

More recently a longing has drawn me to Spain. Since 2016, I hold self development courses in Sitges, Spain at Villa Sunlight. There I share all of my tools, experiences and knowledge; life coaching, yoga, meditation, healing and spiritual counselling. In 2018 I will also hold courses in Nerja, in southern Spain. And in June I am offering a Chakra Journey Leadership Training at Villa Sunlight, Sitges, Spain.

I am available for spiritual counselling, intuitive healing massage and life coaching or you can attend one of my courses on reiki, the chakra journey, life coaching holistic, mediumship training and or self-development. Mostly, I work at Bönnarpsgård Kursgård just outside Malmö, but on Mondays in Malmö at Torsokliniken, I work extensively by phone and mail. To contact me, please email helena@lightworkeracademy.org, call +46 7333 97 89 33 or fill in the contact form further down.

The following is a list of courses I have taken and subject matters I am certified in:

  • Bachelor of Art in Psychology, Lund University
  • Studies in Philosophy, Lund University
  • Basic Course Bioenegetics, Ana Karyn Garcia
  • ICF Coach, Coach Companion
  • Co-active coaching, CTI, London
  • Certified coach, ACC ICF
  • Professional Certified Coach, PCC ICF
  • Child Play Yoga Teacher, Gurudass Kaur
  • Yinyoga Leadership Training, Ann Arnesson
  • Massage with hot stones, Cecilia Hjortfors
  • Reiki I & Reiki II, Margareta Svensson
  • Reiki III ART & Reiki Master Usui Holy Fire I, Colleen Benelli
  • Reiki Master Holy Fire II, Åsa Ahlström
  • Holy Fire II Karuna® Reiki Master, Miguel Chavez
  • Mediumship Training, Marianne Malmström
  • Mediumship Training, Jörgen Gustavsson
  • Mediumship Training Course, Arthur Findlay, England
  • Mediumship Training, Benny Rosenqvist

Above all, I live my life from a spiritual perspective, that we are spiritual beings having a human experience not human beings having spiritual experiences. My hope is that we will find love within ourselves, for life and for each other – that we will live in our true spiritual nature and not as we are conditioned or expected to.

With light and love,


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